Review of 2011 – Totteridge garden completed

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Work to transform the large suburban garden in Totteridge was started in late 2010. Good progress was made on the garden build, until the heavy snow of winter 2010-11 brought work to a halt.
Work resumed after the break, with the clearance of many overgrown shrubs, a leaky pond, an old lawn and an ancient rockery. Where the garden had been largely featureless, dominated by the extensive, uneven lawn which took up much of the garden, the brief was to create a garden with much more interest, broken up into separate areas linked by a meandering path. The garden was to change gradually in satyle as you progress down the garden, from the new rockery and the formal suburban lawn past the pond and then under a pergola, through grasses to a woodland retreat beneath the mature oak on the rear boundary.
At the back of the garden we built a hardwood deck, with a circle of granite setts situated to one side, where the barbeque or firepit could be placed. The decking area was a secluded haven, hidden from the house and the lawn by the pergola, planted with fragrant climbers, and the tall perennial planting either side of the pergola.
The new pond, halfway down the garden, had a surround of grey granite setts, matching the granite circle at the rear of the garden. The pond made a great stopping-off point midway down the garden on the way to the woodland seclusion.